Planning to buy a house in my next vacation

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I am going for a vacation this summer. I cannot wait. This vacation is very special. My husband calls it a business trip. I am going in the Philippines by myself. I will stay for two weeks. I hope that I can spend that time wisely.

My husband will retire in five years. He wants to retire in the Philippines. He asks me to look for a property. I found that property already. It is a big house when it is finish. I cannot wait to see our house in the Philippines when it is finish.
 photo SpotResistregjpg_zps01cfd3d1.jpg
I love spending time in the kitchen. I want to have a kitchen faucet like Kiran Spot Resist one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet. I bet it will look beautiful in that new house. I plan to send my family a big box before I arrive in the Philippines. I want to buy this kitchen faucet and include it in my big box. I will ask the builder to install the Moen Kiran kitchen faucet in my kitchen. I really love the features of this kitchen faucet . It has spot resistant which help me to clean the kitchen faucet in less time. It has fingerprint resistant which keep my nieces and nephews fingerprints not noticeable. It has the high arch pulldown design which helps my nieces and nephews easy to use the kitchen faucet easier. It has  relex system which is very easy to use with everybody. I am sure that I will meet many relatives whom I did not see for a long time.
 photo 87599srsSET5_zps560c0ecb.jpg
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14 Responses to Planning to buy a house in my next vacation

  1. Algene says:

    Roght now, we have no plans yet of getting a new faucet. But in our new unit, I might look for a unique piece like the one above 🙂 Let’s see if I can have time to start looking for great faucets.,

  2. ems says:

    I also want to have my own house soon and one of my dream is to have a really nice bathroom and this faucet is so perfect for that dream bathroom. Good luck on your new home sis Jess. You and your husband made a good decision on retiring here on Phils.

  3. jenn says:

    wow im so excited for your future trip to the PI sis. late last year i vacationed there too with my 2 yr old bogoy and we stayed there for 3 months, lol! i hope u will have a great time bonding with your family and relatives there. looking forward to the vacation photos soon. 🙂

  4. That’s wonderful sis! You know, hubby and I are thinking of that too but the kids are resisting. They said that they want to finish school here first lol.

  5. Rcel says:

    Momi Jess, for real, you’re going home to Philippines for a vacay this summer? WOW!!! Can I go with you? Lol. Now I am getting more and more excited. I don’t know, but Pinas trip always makes me excited, even if I’m not the one going. LOL. I love Moen brand for faucets. I am glad our landlord had one installed in our apartment unit.

  6. Wow, you really are preparing for your husband’s retirement and your family’s move here in the Philippines. Wishing you the best.

  7. travelentz says:

    I can’t wait to have my own place.I miss having a big kitchen and walking closet. After we sold our house and move to new State, we just renting and everything is small but no complain, happy we have a roof.Good luck sis.

  8. Lainy says:

    YAY! I feel excited for you, Mommy Jess. I can’t wait to see the photo of the house when it’s finally done. It’s a clever decision to retire in our home country.

  9. We are actually planning of changing our faucet to this kind brand and design. But first, we need to change our sink.

  10. Dhemz says:

    my gosh, how cool is that! can I go with you mamijess…good to know that you guys are planning to purchase a property over there…that is really neat!

  11. kulasa says:

    I am excited for you on your trip to the Philippines! and buying a house and choosing equipment and stuff for a house is one happy ordeal…one must settle for only the best to make the item lasts…happy trip and happy house decorating! thank you for this awesome kitchen item you shared beautifully 🙂

  12. riz says:

    the hardware looks great.
    and, good luck on your future trip here.

  13. papaleng says:

    Hope you find the right property. Elegant faucet to have in your house. Ganda siguro nito sa kitchen tab.

  14. Wow! That would really be nice. I can feel your excitement, Ate! 🙂
    Good luck po!

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