My friend is driving to New York City tonight

I wanted to go to New York City with them tonight. This is a perfect trip as they are not staying longer. They will go back right away. How I wish that I can go but just cannot. I just wish my friend and her family a safe and fun trip to New York City. My husband is working on Saturday. My kids will have to attend a program for Home Depot on Saturday. Why everything does has hassles for me. I am sure that someday I can visit New York City and I hope with my family.

The fashion in New York City is fun and playful not to notice too. I love to watch fashion shows on TV. I guess I have to wait for now. I am sure that with God’s guidance we will visit New York City soon. I also have cousin that lives in Manhattan. I hope to see her and meet her family. I guess I just have to be patient and wait for my time to visit New York City and hope it will be very soon. What about you? Have you been to New York City? What are your favorites things to do in New York City?

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