Leaving the day of our home town Feast

It was July 16th 2012, the last day I say good-bye to my home town,Cagayan de Oro City. It is also the Feast celebration of my town Carmen. The town is celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, our Patron Saint. It is a very sad day for me. I wanted to celebrate the occasion with my family but it is unfortunate that we are leaving that day.


I woke up early at five in the morning to attend the mass. The hotel we stayed, Country Village, is only walking distance to the church. You can hear the church bell. I know that the mass will start soon. I go to church by myself. My niece is watching my daughter in our hotel’s room. I do not want to wake her up as it is very early. This is the church where my two kids were baptized as well. I hope that someday I can walk down the aisle her too with my husband. It is my greatest wish for my life.


I said my prayers and thank God and the patron Saint, Mt. Carmel, for welcoming me back to my town. I also pray for a very safe long flight to America. I did not see my Mom when we left. I think it is better that way. I get emotional while writing this. Why do we have to say good-bye? I hope that someday we can live their in Carmen, that way I can see my Mom all the time. Life is not fair sometime.

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