Do it your way with Island Escape Cruises

There are such a wide variety of cruise holiday options out there for consumers in the UK to choose from these days that is can be difficult to know where to start in whittling down the contenders. Some cruise ships are on a scale that is really quite incredible and even awe-inspiring to look at. Others offer a sense of refinement and sophistication that delivers a real luxury holiday experience. Still others pride themselves primarily on the sense of fun there is on-board and an atmosphere of indulgence and revelry.


Into this latter category fall the Island Escape cruises being offered by Thomson Holidays. The ship has a seriously laid-back air about it and the stand-out attractions include reliably hilarious stand-up comedians, live bands and cabaret. There are a couple of bars on-board what is a relatively intimate but nonetheless spacious vessel, as well as three different restaurants serving quality but simple food. You’ll find an internet cafe, a hair and beauty salon and no end of entertainment options for kids of all ages. And you may well be interested to know if you’re at the stage of starting to plan your next cruise that from March 2013, all cruises will be sold on an all-inclusive basis as standard.


Prices on trips aboard the Island Escape vary of course but tend to be highly competitive in a tough market where there are plenty of bargains to be found. Thomson has a number of other quality ships in its fleet and if you’re hoping to travel from the UK in the coming months then you should perhaps take a look at some of the latest P&O cruise deals as they make their way online as well.


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