The US Embassy in Manila Philippines

We were inside the taxi when I took this picture. It is not a great picture. I am so sorry. All a sudden I did not notice that the hotel we stayed back in Manila is close to the US Embassy. We stayed at G Hotel Manila in Roxas Boulevard, while waiting for our trip back to America. I never went to the US Embassy in Manila when my fiancée (now my husband) petition me and still processing my Immigration papers. I really thought that after my medical exam, the woman will tell me that I will have my interview at the US Embassy. She just told me that my Visa will arrive in seven days. It did arrive in seven days.


Until now I have no clue what is the US Embassy look likes inside. I have heard that there are many people in line early in the morning just to get inside for their interview. I guess I am the lucky one who did not have my interview at the US Embassy.

What about you? Have you been to the US Embassy in Manila? How was your experienced? I am linking this entry to #366 of Blog Photo Challenge.

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