Where to go in Costa Rica

It is very warm here in Western NY, the summer is as its peak season. We are enjoying the very warm weather. We have to enjoy it as the cold season is coming in a couple of months.  My family is never been in a vacation like the four of us. My daughter and I just had our vacation in the Philippines. Growing up in a tropical country makes you miss it when it is winter here in NY.


Most people will have their vacation during the winter. It is very cold and wearing bulky clothes make you uncomfortable. Are you planning of taking a vacation this winter? Do you have beautiful place in mind? Why not go to the luxury resort in Costa Rica on your next getaway. This beautiful resort was featured in the show “The Bachelor” in TV. I am sure that you will fall in love with this beautiful resort just like the bachelor. This beautiful resort is perfect for the honeymoon or rekindles a relationship.

 They have all the beautiful amenities that you wish for. They have a pool, spa and you name it. You can also tour this beautiful resort for a group too. It will save you more money. Please check the Website for more information. I wish to see you in Costa Rica. I hope you will have a fantastic stay in this beautiful resort.

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