Western Union makes International money remittance easier

When my boyfriend (now my husband) still communicating with each other before. He used to send me money through Western Union. It is easy for me to receive the money in few minutes after he sent it. All he does is to give me the control number and I can receive the money in the Philippines branches in my city. Now that I live here in America for ten years, I also use Western Union to send money to my Mom in the Philippines. I still love this service until now. My Mom received the money in few minutes too after I sent it her. Western Union helps me a lot and now it is my time to help my family back in the Philippines. What about you? Where do you send your family in the Philippines? Have you used the Western Union? It is easy to use and send our loved-ones in the Philippines. You can do it online or visit the store that accepts Western Union remittance.

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