Nik Wallenda’s tight rope walks across the Falls of American and Canadian Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda will try to cross the Falls of American and Canadian Niagara Falls tonight at ten (10).


This is a death defying cross. He is a stunt and it runs in the family. Nik Wallanda is the 7th generation of tight  wire walk. Niagara Falls are only 60 minutes drive from where we live. I do not think I can watch this very historic tight rope walk live. I will watch it on TV instead. I am not sure if I can take it too. This is very thrilling and suspense. I wish Nik Wallenda’s event tonight. I hope that he will get success on this historic tight rope walk. My husband says that he will wear safety. I am thankful to GOD for that. What if he fall? I do not want to see him live on TV. I am sure that Niagara Falls between American and Canadian are full of tourist aside from the local audience. Are you going to watch it too? This is live on TV tonight at ten (10) tonight.

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