Revisiting the Royalton Creek

It is warm here in Western New York. We love and enjoying the warm weather we have. I told my husband that I want to go back to Royalton Creek.


I love that creek so much.


I love to feel the beauty of nature. I want to check the hanging bridge too. I want to know if it is still there. We have the fun walking around the woods. I noticed that there is no trespassing sign for any motored vehicle posted on the trees. When we still live around the area, my husband can drive his ATV. He even can go hunting. Now you are not allowed. I guess the town really wants to protect the creek which is very wonderful.

I took many pictures mostly of the kids. We checked the old house in the woods.


I am sure that long time ago, maybe an Indian lives there.


We check the creek and the little falls. We check also the hanging bridge.


I am glad that it is still there. We also climb up on the hill. Oh my! That was very steep for me and my husband. I cannot believe the kids climb it as if it is nothing.

I will always miss this creek.


I am glad that we can visit it once in a while. I am linking this entry to Tuesday Travels.

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