Luggage scale is really helpful

I bought a luggage scale yesterday at Wal-Mart.


I am very much happy because I can now weighs my luggage before going to the airport. It is very expensive to pay the extra weights on your luggage. The luggage scale really works. My kids are having fun time weighing every bag they see in the house. My one luggage weighs 50 pounds which is the maximum weigh for an international flight. I have many gifts that I will give to my family and friends in that luggage. I also have the one bag that weighs 30 pounds for now. I am not done packing all my stuff and my daughter’s too. I am glad that every passengers allow to bring two luggage that weighs 50 pounds each and one carry-on bag. This luggage scale is worth the price to pay. Have you travel international flight lately? What are their restrictions?

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