Watching Thomas the train live


This was May of 2010 at Medina rail road work. This was the last time when we watch Thomas the train live.  We have been watching Thomas the train lives when my son was four years old. He loves to play the train and watch Thomas the train on TV. I remember when we first saw Thomas the train in person. He was very excited and happy. We even ride the train with Grandma and Grandpa for the first time.


There are many fun things to do when Thomas the train comes in town. You can also meet some of the trains from the show. You can buy anything that has the Thomas the train inside the tent. There are many games for kids to enjoy. My son is not into Thomas the train anymore. He is really growing.


Are you a Thomas the train fans? You should check it when Thomas the train will come to visit your town. I am linking this entry to Tuesday Travels.

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