Renew my daughter’s US passport


I am glad that her Daddy finally decided to bring my daughter with me. I am very much happy. I am very excited now. I know that it is far yet still I am at ease that her US passport has renewed. We just have to wait for two weeks to arrive it in the mail. The processing of her passport took awhile. The passport photos we had from Rite-Aid did not accepted because of her headband. Lesson learned do not put anything in your little girl’s hair when you have a passport taken. The passport form that I filed is old. I need to write all the information. The husband is freaking out. He has no choice but to keep his cool. I paid $121 for her passport renewal. I just cannot wait. She looks so adorable in her passport photo though. My Mom does not that know that her grand-daughter is traveling with me. I know she will be happy. I am linking this entry to Happiness Is.

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