K’s first plane ride

She was only seven months old when she had her first plane ride. We fly from Buffalo to Detroit for an hour and a half. We are on board in Delta airlines. It is one of my favorite airline carriers.
It was an easy flight being her first time to ride in the plane. What do you do when you travel with an infant? She was a breastfed baby. I have to make sure that I have toys that she can play. I also bring her foods if she gets hungry. Bring extra outfits too for your baby. Looking at the pictures makes me cry. She is now five years old and she never ride an airplane again. Could it be her last plane ride too?
I am constantly arguing with my husband of bringing her with me to the Philippines this year. Oh how I wish it is easy but unfortunately his Daddy does not want me to travel with her. It is sad but what can I do. He has his own selfish reason so be it. I am linking this entry to Tuesdays Travel.

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