How to get rid of cockroaches

I remember we have cockroaches in my hometown. It is scary when they fly especially towards you. They are very dirty. I bit once with the cockroach while sleeping. My arm was swollen very hard. The cockroach likes to stay in the cover. I see them in our kitchen. It is very warm back in my hometown that is why the cockroach likes to stay.

My daughter and I are planning to travel next Summer. She has not see any cockroach here in our house. I do not know how is her reaction if she sees a flying cockroach. I do not want her to have a phobia. My Dad use to spray the cockroach but they back again after few days when the odor is gone.

I read article about the cockroaches. I did not know that five kinds of cockroaches. One of them are the one in our home town. I will buy a bait gel and make sure I will bring it with is when we travel. I have to make sure I will buy many baits gel. I will call my Mom and tell him to make sure the house is clean. My daughter has an allergy. I do not want her skin to get worst if she is got bit by a cockroach. I do not think her Daddy will want us to travel again if that will happens to her.

Do you have the cockroach in your home? You should check out this article from this
Website to learn and how to prevent them from not coming back.

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