Best of both worlds

I knew my husband online and met him in person after eight months of phone and mails exchange. I was hesitant at first knowing that eventually I have to leave my country and my family. I know trials are coming along my way in the foreign land.

It took me awhile to adjust lifestyles here in America. The loneliness is not easy. Adjusting to the climates and foods are even harder. Luckily, I met multi-racial couples like my husband and I. We started to share our own experiences. I started to make friends with their wives too. Life is getting better.

When I had my son, it was not easy. Growing up, everybody will help you when you had your baby. Here in America, you have to do it by yourself. It was tough but I made it fine. My son started to play multi-racial kids too. Looking at him having fun, makes me happy too.

Are you looking for someone to talk to and share your experiences? This website is your best help. How I wish I know this Website before. It surely helps me understand about multi-racial. It is not too late for you to join. You can sign up for free. I wish you luck, hope you meet new friends and maybe neighbors that shared same cultures and beliefs as yours.

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