Pens that are comfortable to write when you are traveling

We drove to Rochester in New York a week ago for the dual application and report of birth of my daughter. I thought I prepared everything we need, but guess not. I forget to bring pens with me. I usually have them inside my purse. I am so happy that they have pens available at the outreach. They are not as comfortable and comfortable as blue ink at Pen Factory. I cannot believe I need to write a form. I thought I have every forms that I needed and signed up. We made it after waiting for four hours and everything got covered before we drove back to Lockport.

I have to make sure that next time, I need to order pens. Good thing my kids need pens for their school supplies and will order it from this Website. I could order blue or black colors and extra pens for me.


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Our trip to Rochester New York

It was six days ago when my family had a short road trip to Rochester New York. According to the GPS, we will reach our destination in one hour and 18 minutes.

Rochester here we come

Rochester here we come

We are going to a Philippine Consulate New York in one of their outreach. I need to apply for my dual citizenship and report the birth of my daughter.

getting close the city of Rochester

getting close the city of Rochester

Our appointment is at 10 in the morning. We got there 30 minutes early. Since my husband is not familiar with Rochester area, we left home at 8 in the morning if we get lost, we still have time to found our way. Good thing the GPS is so good to us and we found our way. Rochester is a big city but not as big as Buffalo.

arriving at St. Joseph's home

arriving at St. Joseph’s home

Our destination is at a nursing home called St Joseph’s home. There were many people already lined up when we got there. It was a long wait and good thing we had accomplished our mission.

How about you? Have you been to Rochester or live near that area?

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The best accessories for your nickel guitar

I admit I missed my home town the Philippines so badly. One thing I missed is singing Filipino music with my friends and cousins. I just wish that I do not live half way around the world from them. Life is not fair sometimes, but what can I do, right? N my cousin plays guitar. I wonder if he uses this earnie ball for his guitar. I am sure that he will love to try it.


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