How to travel light and with style

I remember I only brought one small luggage with me during my first international flight back in 2001. I was scared and at the same time excited. I have no clue what to expect during a very long flight to San Francisco, my first US city that I step though I was only inside the airport. It is another three hours flight from San Francisco to Buffalo. I have the jet lag. It was a memorable experience in my life.

arriving at Nagoya airport in Japan back in 2012

arriving at Nagoya airport in Japan back in 2012

International flights are always very long and hassle especially when you have babies or toddler traveling with you. I am happy that my kids are now 12 and almost 9 years old. Traveling is so much easier compared when they were babies.

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Planning an international flight is not bad when you have all the necessary travel accessories that you need. You can check out for stylish and affordable stuff that you need when you travel. I know that I will keep on checking this Website once I have my tickets to travel in the Philippines. They have deals and coupons on exotic places in the Philippines that my family want to explore. It might not be happening sooner but it will in God’s way.

How about you? Have you travel to the Philippines yet?

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How to get to Cagayan de Oro City Philippines

The last time I traveled back to my home country was 2002. it is almost three years ago. My daughter who was almost six years old that time traveled with me. She is a perfect traveler. She never complain. She knows how long the flight. She knows what to expect during our flight. I have explained to her for a month before our very long flight.

How to get to Cagayan de Oro City Philippines

How to get to Cagayan de Oro City Philippines

Here is her drawing on how to get to Cagayan de Oro City Philippines.  She will turn nine years old this summer. It takes 19 hours from air to get to my home town. Yes! It is very long flight for almost six years old that time. This was our destination. We flew from Buffalo to Chicago for an hour or so. Chicago to Japan is 13 hours which are the longest hour. Japan to Manila is four hours which is the capital  of the Philippines. It takes one hour to reach to my home town Cagayan de Oro City.

Do I want to travel again? Yes! absolutely without any hesitant. My girl does not want to go to the Philippines. She said it takes forever. I do not blame her. I know that nowadays, there are many airlines crashes. I have no choice but my Mom is in the Philippines. The only way to see her is to go with all the hassles of the long flight.

How about you? What is the longest flight you take?

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Tips on how to be safe while boating

Boating is enjoyable, especially when you know that you and everyone else with you are safe. There are several precautions that you need to keep in mind while you are out there in the deep. If you fail, you may find yourself being towed back home. Or worse still, losing your life in the waters. The following tips are meant to keep you safe while boating.

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1. Don’t drink while boating.

Doing this increases your odds of injury. According to the US Coast Guard, drunken riding increases your likelihood of fatalities by 34 percent.

2. Keep your emergency radio on always

If you don’t keep your emergency radio on, you may miss valuable information such a crash warnings and looming storms. Having it on always can also help you to call for rescue in case you are in danger.

3. Don’t over speed

In most states, you can be penalized for over speeding. Riding your boat with a safe speed makes it easy to maneuver. But over speeding can easily cause you to lose control of the vessel.

4. Regularly maintain and service your boat

Make sure that before you go out for a trip with passengers, you have run proper maintenance procedures for your vessel. You can be sued for negligence when a passenger dies because of shoddy maintenance of your vessel. Proper maintenance makes your vessel safe for you and your passengers.

5. Use life jackets

The Coast Guard requires children under the age of 13 in moving boats to wear Coast Guard-approved life jackets. Life jackets are important in case your boat capsizes and some people cannot swim.

6. Don’t overload

Taking too many passengers above capacity, or overloading with gear increases the risk of your boat capsizing or swamping. You need to follow the weight capacity of your boat that is often posted next to the operator’s position.

Practicing safe boating habits will not only keep you safe in the vessel, but it will preserve the life of your passengers also. It will also prevent you from incurring lots of problems with the law including heavy fines and incarceration. If you need spares for your boat, or custom sportfishing yachts, you can get them from dealers such as Dixon’s Marine Group.

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