A postcard from Jolo in Sulu Island Philippines

I want to say thank you to Mommy A for sending me this postcard. It is from Jolo, Sulu Island in the Philippines. I have never been in this place before. I know it is part of the Mindanao Island where my city belong to.

 photo sulu philippines_zpsqa6qznhx.jpg

The postcard looks like paradise. There is a Muslim mosque that is surrounded with beautiful coconut trees. Looking at this postcard makes me missed my native country the Philippines so very badly.

I also sent her a postcard from my recent trip to New York City. I hope she will receive it too. I have not get a confirmation that she receive it. I sent it 12 days ago.

How about you? Do you like to collect postcards as well? I love collecting postcards.

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How to learn more about being a DJ

DJ is the life of the party. Either you agree or disagree with me. I am amaze how they play their hands while being a DJ. The music they choose is just ridiculously beautiful. Sometimes it is boring but you an request a song if you want.

Are you planning in becoming a DJ? The vestax vci 400 is one coolest thing for all inspiring DJs to own. I wish you all the luck. I hope to see you someday perform in a bar or maybe one of my girl friends party.

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Our flight to New York City

It has been three years since the last time I flew in the airplane. It was the 3rd of September that my girl friends and I waited at Buffalo International airport for our flight to New York City through Delta airlines.

 photo Buffalo airport_zpsypntiev4.jpg

Everybody arrived early. We have enough time to relax while waiting for our flight.

 photo Buffalo airport B_zpsqieyqi3x.jpg

I found out that there is a $25 fee for a check-in luggage. I did re-pack my luggage. Instead I bring my getaway Victoria’s Secret bag and carry the gift for baby M. I also put my purse inside the gift bag. All the passengers are only allowed one carry-on and small item during the flight. I saved $25 by not using my luggage set.

 photo Buffalo airport A_zpswqdylfq0.jpg
I already printed my boarding pass. The butterflies inside my stomach is crazy. I am nervous at the same excited. The flight to New York City is 50 minutes. We landed at JFK Kennedy International airport. I thank God for blessing us a very smooth flight.

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