Postcards and refrigerator magnet from a friend that lives in Washington

I want to say thank you so much to Mommy N a fellow blogger of mine that lives in Washington. She sent me postcards, refrigerator magnet and bracelets not included in the photos.

 photo postcards from Washington_zpshlv4laek.jpg

I LOVE collecting postcards. It feels awesome to see the postcards despite not visiting the place in person yet. I received two postcards from Washington where Mommy N is from. I also received a refrigerator magnet.

 photo postcards from WAshington A_zps6bgytnbu.jpg
The first postcard is from her state Washington. which is called Evergreen State.

 photo postcards from Washington B_zpsiowwdeal.jpg
The second postcard is the famous lighthouses in Washington which looks pretty. I hope to visit this State someday.

 photo postcards from Washington C_zpspyogvgnq.jpg

I also received a refrigerator magnet which has Seattle on it. I LOVED this refrigerator magnet. It is my favorite book and movie FIFTY SHADES TRILOGY, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY where the story originated from.

Thank you so much again Mommy N. These will add to my collection.  How about you? Have you been to Washington or do you live around that area?

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A postcard from Germany

I received this postcard from Ms. Ruby. This actually a second postcard that I received from Ms. Ruby. She lives in Germany. I want to say thank you Ms. Ruby for the beautiful postcard from Germany. It looks beautiful. I hope to see this beautiful country someday.

 photo postcard from Germany_zps3urpjlx9.jpg

The postcard is the city of Rund Um Regensburg. It looks like a beautiful city to explore. I LOVE collecting postcard. The views that places and countries from the postcard is like a bucket list to visit someday.

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A postcard from Jolo in Sulu Island Philippines

I want to say thank you to Mommy A for sending me this postcard. It is from Jolo, Sulu Island in the Philippines. I have never been in this place before. I know it is part of the Mindanao Island where my city belong to.

 photo sulu philippines_zpsqa6qznhx.jpg

The postcard looks like paradise. There is a Muslim mosque that is surrounded with beautiful coconut trees. Looking at this postcard makes me missed my native country the Philippines so very badly.

I also sent her a postcard from my recent trip to New York City. I hope she will receive it too. I have not get a confirmation that she receive it. I sent it 12 days ago.

How about you? Do you like to collect postcards as well? I love collecting postcards.

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