Where to buy the best guitar for your traveler

People love to travel during the holidays. December is the busiest month of the year where people drive or fly to visit the loves-ones they have from out of the country or in a different state. We will not travel this year. I hope next year. This girl can dream that I hope next year we can celebrate our Christmas in the Philippines.

How about you? Do you have a little traveler that loves music? Does she or he plays guitar? Are you looking for a perfect size for her or him to bring with you while you are traveling? Why not check out the t5 series here? I am sure that your guitarist will enjoy the new instrument. She can even play guitar while listening to the waves by the beach. She can play songs in front of her cousins and have a fun memories together.

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It is during Christmas time I missed my home town the Philippines so bad

This year is no difference. It has been 12 years since the last time I spent Christmas in my home town in the Philippines. Christmas also is my birthday. Why do I missed celebrating Christmas in the Philippines?

These are my reasons. One I missed going to dawn mass for nine consecutive days. Second I missed the native foods that we eat after hearing the dawn mass. Third I missed the Christmas songs. Fourth I missed the kids caroling all the house. Fifth I missed going to the midnight mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Sixth I missed the Christmas party we have in the neighborhood with all my cousins. Seventh I missed eating the Noche Buena which is the family gathered together to eat and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Eight I missed waking up late in the morning and everybody is welcome to eat in each house. We do not receive Christmas gifts but spending time with the family is the best gift you can receive during Christmas.

I hope that one Christmas I will get the chance to celebrate it in the Philippines with my family. How about you? Do you have any Christmas traditions that are different with other people?

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The best gift for my cousin to send

I have a cousin that loves music. He is also is a member of the male band in the Philippines. He is one the lead singers of their band. He loves to sing Beatles song the most. He even sound like Paul McCartney who is his favorite singer. I really like him as a performer and a cousin of mine. I want to send him this gift when I visit musicans friend Website. I know that he will appreciate this gift from me. I cannot wait to hear when he receives it soon and hope before Christmas.

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