Snorkeling On Singer Island

Singer Island offers wonderful snorkeling opportunities for all age groups. Whether you’re a beginner who’s interested in giving it a try, or an advanced diver who loves underwater adventures, Singer Island has beautiful underwater reefs to explore.

Riviera Reef

Riviera Reef, located at Riviera Beach, is an artificial reef that’s constructed of giant limestone boulders. Located just a short walk from Riviera City Beach, this reef offers 50 pods in two different locations that are full of underwater marine life. The reef is approximately 300 feet out from the shore and is 12 to 18 feet deep. On a clear day, you can easily see the reef from the beach. Since the completion of Riviera Reef in 2011, many interesting sea creatures have claimed it as their new home. On your snorkeling adventure, you’re likely to see stonefish, grunts and porcupine fish, as well as yellow rays, moray eels and southern stingrays.

Ocean Reef Park

The reef at Ocean Reef Park is a popular snorkeling site for Singer Island locals and visitors. The reef is small, close to shore, and in a location that’s protected by lifeguards. This makes it a great spot for beginning snorkelers who want to give snorkeling a try. Ocean Reef Park is a shallow beach dive, so it’s easy to walk around on the reef or swim without snorkeling gear. At high-tide you can see the reef from the beach, but on busy beach days visibility can be limited.

Singer Island is a beautiful place that offers many fun-filled adventures. For more information, visit Singer Island Resort and Spa for Singer Island reservations.

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I wish my family can visit Taal Volcano in the Philippines someday

I saw this picture from my niece in her Facebook page. She is in Taal Volcano with my sister and her family. I have never been in this beautiful place in the Philippines. I hope that someday my family can visit this place once we settled for good in the Philippines. Taal Volcano is one of my bucket list to visit and my family to explore the beautiful and native country of the Philippines.

a photo of Taal Volcano in the Philippines that I grabbed  from my niece in her Facebook page

a photo of Taal Volcano in the Philippines that I grabbed from my niece in her Facebook page

As for now, I am enjoying looking at this beautiful tourist spot. I hope someday that I could delete it in my bucket list?

How bout you? Have you been to Taal Volcano yet?

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How to enjoy my vacation with music

Music is always a part of my life so as my kids too. It has been almost three years since we visited my home town. I missed my family so very much. One thing I missed about is spend time singing with them. We loved to hang out. I want to send them my karaoke next time. I want to buy this whirlwind mic cables so my karaoke will work back home. I want to show them songs that are popular here in America that is not released in the Philippines yet. I just cannot wait to get my tickets and count the months.


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