The best gift for my cousin to send

I have a cousin that loves music. He is also is a member of the male band in the Philippines. He is one the lead singers of their band. He loves to sing Beatles song the most. He even sound like Paul McCartney who is his favorite singer. I really like him as a performer and a cousin of mine. I want to send him this gift when I visit musicans friend Website. I know that he will appreciate this gift from me. I cannot wait to hear when he receives it soon and hope before Christmas.

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A beautiful postcard of the church in the Philippines

I am very surprise and happy that one of my blogger friends from the Philippines sent me this beautiful postcard.

 photo postcard_zps639a80e6.jpg

It is a postcard of one of their local church in her city. I really loved it. I want to say thank you to Miss M for the gift of friendship.

 photo postcardA_zps6c229b24.jpg

I do appreciate your kindness very much. I hope to meet her and her family someday if we visit the Philippines. I love to collect postcard. Receiving one is a special gift that I treasured the most. How about you do you like to collect postcard too?

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Where to ask for affordable quotes for your car insurance

Are you traveling this Autumn? The leaves are beautiful during this time of the year. The roads view are breath-taking am sure. It has been awhile since my family travel. It was summer when we traveled. I am looking for another road trip for my family very soon. Travel is very important for the kids to explore another place or State. We have to make sure that you have the car insurance to keep our family safe while traveling by car. Do you know that don allred insurance quotes are just a phone call away if you are looking for affordable car quotes. Why not check them out before you are planning on your next road trip.

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