How to keep your stuff safe in storage when traveling

Summer is the perfect season to travel. Most families explore exciting place to see and visit trips to see their families and friends. It is the perfect season to create memories for a lifetime.

Hubby’s eldest daughter and her niece flew from Florida to visit her family and friends for a one week vacation. She lives in the apartment as she moved from her husband’s house. I wonder if all her stuff fits into her new apartment or she left it in a storage where she can store her stuff. I hope that the storage has enough lightning like from

I remembered my husband stored his truck but it is from the outside so he does not need lights so he can see. How about you? Do you drop your stuff in the storage if you are moving from another State?

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Check Groupon Coupons to find the best airlines tickets before you travel

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine. 

It has been almost four years since I fly back to the Philippines my native country. I missed my family so very much especially my Mom. I wish that I can petition here and live with me America so we can spend our time together with her grandkids as well. She is the only reason why I have the urge to fly back home again.

 photo Groupon Travel_zpsnyfg5omh.jpg

I hope that my plan to visit this year will come true. I want to celebrate my Christmas in the Philippines. It has been 14 years since the last time I spent my Christmas. Why do I plan to fly to the Philippines during Christmas? It is because it is my birthday.

 photo Philippines travel_zpskyti4uzz.jpg

It would be awesome to find the cheapest airline ticket while Christmas is six months away. I am so thankful that Groupon Coupons help me find tickets through Travelocity. I used this Website before. I loved how easy it is to search for flights, car and even hotel. I just need my husband to buy me ticket soon. I cannot wait to tell my Mom once I book my flight. The travel coupon will help me save big time. I can use the money to pamper my Mom and myself once I will arrive in the Philippines to celebrate Christmas and my birthday as well.

How about you? Do you have plans to visit your family, friends during the holiday? By booking earlier and use the Website to search for coupons, finding cheaper airline ticket is easier.

If you like to check out social medias like Facebook or Twitter for travel deals, coupons and promotions, why not check them out before planning your next trip.

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Where to buy the best guitar online

I admit I want to learn how to play the guitar. It is the only musical instrument that I want to learn. There is something about the guitar that interest me. I love to sing and hope I can play the guitar too. This bb king lucille guitar center is my best choice online to learn more about the musical instrument that I want. There are many colors, kind and choices to choose from. The prizes also are affordable.

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