What to buy a musical lover when you are traveling

I grew up in a tropical country. It has been almost three years since the last time I visited my native country. I missed it so much. I cannot wait to travel again someday.

Music also is a big part in our native land. One of my cousins sings in a band. He also plays guitar as well. If I have enough money, I would love to buy him instrument from musciansfriend. It is like shopping with your best friend. You love everything about this store especially when you love music.

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Happy 40th birthday to my Valentines celebrant younger sister

I wish all my readers a Happy Valentines Day to all of you. I hope that your day, afternoon or night filled with love not just today but everyday. Oh how I wish I am celebrating Valentines in a tropical island but it is white and snowing where I am now.

 photo birthdaysister_zpsc99b5040.jpg

Today also is a very special day. It is my younger sister A’s 40th birthday. It has been almost three years since the last time I see her in the Philippines. I wish that her birthday is filled with joy, laughter and happiness today.

I missed you my dearest younger sister. We were not close while growing up. I hope that you treat your kids the same. I hope that you do not play favorites like us while growing up.

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Where to stay at affordable hotels in Calgary Alberta

I have a close friend that now lives in Calgary Alberta in Canada. I missed her so much, She has to move with her family as her husband found a wonderful job in Calgary. It is a beautiful city in Canada. She said that they do not get snow compared to Buffalo New York. I hope that I can see her someday. They have been living in Calgary Alberta for about two years now.

 photo hotel_zps9d3c4d11.png

How about you? Do you spend winter escapade in Calgary? Are you looking for affordable hotels? The Calgary, Alberta Canada hotel deals – Motel.com is your best choice of selecting the best hotel. There are some hotels that also allowed pets. The room rates are from $62 to $554 a night. You can also select rooms from single to 9 rooms. They have affordable rooms for you and your family. The best hotels for pleasure or work. I wish you and your family ┬áthe best time in Calgary Alberta.


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